Ear Candling

Soothing Ear Candling

Ear candling is a centuries old practice used to remove wax build up and inner ear blockage.  This soothing and safe application involves placing a cylinder gently in your ear. The cylinder is then lit at the opposite end to create a vacuum. You will experience no discomfort whatsoever as the slow burning cylinder works as a vacuum to help soothe and relax your ear. Ear oil with garlic is last inserted on a cotton ball to protect the ears. For problem ears recommended 3 sessions within 10 days (48 hours apart) or one per season or as needed.

This treatment is good for headaches, hearing difficulties, swimmer’s ear, balance, ear-aches, ear infections, sinus pressure, allergies, sore throat, colds, flight-popping (plane-ear), tinnitus (constant sounds in the ear), labyrinthitis (a spinning sensation).

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