Eye Grooming

Most popular service for truly dramatic eyes for a reason! Now you too can have your lashes and brows professionally tinted with color that suites you perfectly.

What is brow & lash tint?

Your Eyebrows...

This service includes brow shaping (hair removal where needed) which lasts 4-6 weeks. Everyone benefits from this service.

Beauty rule: eyebrows should be a shade darker than your hair for best facial framing.

When we tint the brows all those little light hairs (or grey hairs) are colored.  This gives greater depth to the brows further defining the facial framework and allowing more shaping options.

Your Eyelashes...

When eyelashes are tinted there is the immediate benefit of a great lash primer. Better still, on days you opt to go without mascara, tinting gives the subtle appearance of still wearing mascara.

Since lashes tend to get lighter toward their tips we normally apply mascara to enhance the true length. With tinting services your lashes will appear thicker and longer without mascara.

Must be post minimum 24-hours from a lash perm service!

Do not wear contacts to any eye service.

Worries about going without mascara...

Are you thinking about getting permanent eyeliner but you are nervous about going without your mascara for a week? This is your solution.

How Much?

$25  Lash Tinting
$25  Brow Tinting
$53  Eye Package
(lash tint, brow tint & brow shaping)

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