Make-Up Corrections

Are you unhappy with a previous permanent makeup service?

Are your eyebrows in the wrong place, wrong shape, too dark, too light or uneven? Is your eyeliner not starting at your lash line? Do you look in the mirror and wish you hadn’t done it? There is hope!

Unfortunately, sometimes the best deal is the worst option.  It is important that you review portfolio pictures and ask questions! A reputable business will be happy to provide you with ALL of the information you request. GOOD PERMANENT MAKEUP ISN’T CHEAP AND CHEAP PERMANENT MAKEUP ISN’T GOOD, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is!

Can Permanent Makeup Be Corrected?

Like most states in the U.S., Wisconsin has very few laws regulating permanent cosmetics. The best way to obtain attractive, safely applied permanent makeup is to carefully select a qualified and experienced specialist. Unfortunately, many consumers choose a technician based on a low price or convenient location and later regret that choice. Although permanent makeup will fade over time, inferior work can be heartbreaking. Fortunately, in many cases permanent makeup mistakes can be corrected or at least improved.

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Methods to Remove or Lighten Permanent Makeup

It is faster and easier to obtain a body or makeup tattoo than it is to remove either one. Several methods are available to remove body art tattoos and, sometimes, permanent makeup:

  • Surgical Excision: A physician cuts out the tattoo and sutures the edges of the skin back together. The skin over and around the tattoo may need to be stretched first.
  • Dermabrasion: The tattooed skin is "sanded" by a physician with a special device. The top and middle layers of the skin that contain the old ink or pigment are removed.
  • Laser Technology: Pulses of light are used to break up the tattoo ink under the skin so the body's cells can "eat it up.” Results vary depending on the type of laser and wavelength of light used. Laser tattoo removal is popular for removing body art, but few physicians use lasers for permanent makeup removal because of the risks. Removing permanent eyeliner with lasers is extremely difficult and expensive. Physicians are cautious about using lasers to remove permanent lip liner because the lips are so vascular (bleed easily).  Also, they are concerned about lasers turning permanent makeup black, which can occur any time a laser is used on or near the pigment.
  • Saline Technique: Similar to the Salabrasion process that was used by physicians, the saline or salt-water technique uses the scientific principles of osmosis and equalization. Saline or concentrated salt water is tattooed over the unwanted pigment or ink to draw it up to the surface of the skin and out of the body into a scab. Once the scab falls off, the pigment will be gone or the color will be lighter. The treated area will be pink from the new skin that has formed. Using this method to remove permanent makeup is effective because the “controlled scabbing” that occurs is very precise.
  • Fading products: Infinique may use one of the two fading products to lift the pigment.

How do I know what correction treatment is best?

Most often times eyebrows and eyeliner can easily be corrected to look better by going over with new pigment and making some adjustments. If there is a need to fade eyebrows first either saline solution or a fade product will be used. Client will have to wait 30 days in-between all procedures for healing before doing the next treatment. Sometimes multiple fading sessions are needed. Results may vary and no guarantees can be made. Options will be discussed at your consultation.

How Long Does Saline Salt Removal Take? 

Every tattoo removal method (including laser and saline) requires multiple treatments. The number of sessions depends upon the color, size, shape, and location of the makeup tattoo. After a procedure, the treated pigment may continue to fade for up to several months because the body’s lymphatic system will internally absorb the pigment. How quickly the person’s skin heals will also be a factor in how far apart the removal sessions can be scheduled.

Will correction procedures cause scaring? 

Although any type of permanent makeup or tattoo removal can cause some skin color changes or scarring, all of Infinique”s methods have a low risk of creating heavy or raised scars. Usually the skin is slightly red or pink for several weeks to months. This color gradually lightens as the new skin is reformed and collagen rebuilds.

How much?

Price will be determined at your consultation.

A very typical case may involve permanent makeup done with cheap, low-quality pigments, which will change color with time or just not getting a good technician. As you can see below the technicians didn’t either start the eyeliner in the lash line, used the wrong color or the brows where not done in a natural shape to compliment the clients.

correct-#6BEFORELEFT correct-#6AFTERLEFT

correct-#5BEFORERIGHT correct-#5AFTERRIGHT

correct-#4BEFORELEFT correct-#4AFTERLEFT

correct-#3BEFORERIGHT correct-#3AFTERRIGHT

correct-#2BEFORE correct-#2AFTER-LEFT

correct-#1BEFORELEFT correct-#1AFTERLEFT

correct-#12BEFORELEFT correct-#12AFTERLEFT

correct-#11BEFORELEFT correct-#11AFTERLEFT

correct-#10BEFORELEFT correct-#10AFTERLEFT

correct-#9BEFORERIGHT correct-#9AFTERRIGHT

correct-#8BEFORERIGHT correct-#8AFTERRIGHT

correct-#7BEFORERIGHT correct-#7AFTERRIGHT


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