Specialty Service


Ear candling is a centuries old practice used to remove wax build up and inner ear blockage.  This soothing and safe application involves placing a cylinder gently in your ear. The cylinder is then lit at the opposite end to create a vacuum. You will experience no discomfort whatsoever as the slow burning cylinder works as a vacuum to help soothe and relax your ear. Ear oil with garlic is last inserted on a cotton ball to protect the ears. For problem ears recommended 3 sessions within 10 days (48 hours apart) or one per season or as needed.

This treatment is good for headaches, hearing difficulties, swimmer’s ear, balance, ear-aches, ear infections, sinus pressure, allergies, sore throat, colds, flight-popping (plane-ear), tinnitus (constant sounds in the ear), labyrinthitis (a spinning sensation).

Most popular service for truly dramatic eyes have your lashes and brows professionally tinted with color that suites you perfectly. This service also includes brow shaping/hair removal, which lasts 4-6 weeks. Everyone benefits from this service. Rule of thumb eyebrows should be a shade darker than your hair, this is what frames your face. When we tint the brows we get all those little light hairs (or grey hairs) colored. This is great for giving more to work with for shaping.

Eyelashes are colored and works as a great base for mascara or for days you don’t feel like wearing any but want to look like you are! Even clients that have dark lashes benefit. Lashes naturally get lighter towards the tip and may not look as long without mascara. Your lashes will appear thicker and longer. (Wait 24-hrs after lash perm)

No more pinching eye lash curlers! Yep that’s right! Now you can enjoy the look of long, luscious and curled lashes with a lash perm treatment. First, a small rod is applied to the upper eyelid. There are 3 size rods to choose from depending on your lash length and your desired curl. Then the applications of the 3-step perm is carefully applied and timed. Your eyes stay closed for the length of the service so this is a very relaxing 45 min.

The back facial massage is a luxurious, high intensity, treatment using oxygen products that cleanse, tone, exfoliates, moisturizes and balance the often ignored but oh-so-important skin on your back. This treatment finishes with a relaxing lotion massage and is topped off with an intense scalp massage. Acne treatments and extractions are available but price maybe adjusted.

This service is also great for men and teenagers. Look your absolute best for any special occasion; weddings, proms, homecomings, vacations or any other special event that you are going to show your back.


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